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What is the value of management?

 I have personally worked quite a few jobs in the past. Working in fast food, I would always wonder what was so special about actually touching the computer in the manager's office for sales related information that granted some type of promotion.

Afterwards, working in the Four Points hotel in Cocoa Beach, it bothered me why particular individuals were paid nearly twice my salary simply because they managed 3rd party company relations like Hotwire, Orbitz, and Expedia. These companies had the simplest user interface that anyone could comprehend. 

Finally, after getting into a true software engineering discipline, I understood the difference. And it wasn't pleasant.

What do companies apparently value? 

These particular individuals were promoted simply for their perceived commitment to the company - not their knowledge of the system underneath & the difference of value they would provide to your company. This is nothing more than wasted revenue on over-priced employees for menial tasks. This is where we decided to make a change.

What if there were a system so simple a restaurant owner didn't need a shift manager - or even better - didn't need an assistant GM? A piece of a software that kept all employees from being able to cheat the system? Better yet, what about a way to track and monitor all waste in the store... What price would this be worth to those companies? The average difference between a standard employee and a manager is an average of nearly $10k a year - each - forget waste...

Do you know LEAN?

I'm going to divert for a second to explain something that many individuals in the software field often do not understand. This is the concept of LEAN. Basically: what provides value to the customer vs. what is wasteful.

I'll shorten this quick description into a few quick questions: If you are a customer - what are you willing to pay for vs. what are you not? (There is no free lunch)

1) If the restaurant has a high amount of waste at the end of the night that must be trashed: Would you happily pay increased menu price at cost the of the lost ingredients?

2) If the restaurant made a mistake & needs to replace your food - and you will return: Will you enjoy paying the increased menu price at the loss of ingredients AND labor for fixing your order?

3) Restaurant employees delaying your meal because they did not have notice your meal was at the kitchen window: Will you be willing to pay for the increased cost of dining because the restaurant failed to seat multiple potential guests every single night?

Anything in a restaurant that is not as efficient as possible provides waste and thus higher costs of operation. Not only are lower profits in the future but what if any of these reasons causes a customer not to return?

Between food waste, duplicated labor, reduced potential customer turnover, AND having over priced employees - costs the average restaurant $63k a year. So not only are you losing money, but you are also losing customers. Their visit should be as efficient as possible otherwise they wind up paying for hidden costs that blind-sides thousands of restaurants daily. Our software was developed for this purpose.

What do other companies really provide?

Before starting this company, we had to make sure we weren't diving into a saturated market. Let me tell you - holy crap were our worries never shut down faster than this!  Without going into too much detail: we can provide you better service at a cheaper cost and not even worry about our losses. It's that much of a difference! These companies are ripping you off and if you don't believe us then simply enlighten them to this site and allow them to realize all they are failing to provide you. When you pay for a company "website", what do you really pay for? Does this site include payroll, inventory management, customer surveys, calendars, emails, or employee direct messaging so that you don't need to call one away from a customer?If a company is [surprisingly] providing social networking support - what exactly are they providing? Have they declared which sites they will post to? How often will they post? Will they add random positive reviews on their own behalf? Will they purchase twitter followers at their own expense if you need better networking?... (yes this is a thing)... Will they contact the customer to fix any negative reviews? Will this company find a way to remove this review or push a large amount positive ones to drown out this non-complaint customer?

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