Space and Sun Software, LLC

Analytics / Predictive Modeling

We can help you collect data from multiple sources, and analyze it using all the latest advanced tools and techniques so you can apply the results of the data analysis to drive your business model.

Big Data

We take the mystery out of big data and provide you with a cloud-based solution that can scale to handle your data needs. We have experience with SQL, No-SQL, and Graph Databases.  

eCommerce / ERP

Upgrade to a cloud based ERP system for a fantastic user experience and increased productivity. A fully integrated eCommerce suite to sell online easily, or at a brick and mortar store with a wireless Point of Sale!  

Elegant Cloud Based Solutions

We provide mature software solutions that leverage the limitless power of the Cloud. 

Custom Programming

 With decades of combined programming experience, we are happy to bring your unique idea to life. Get in  contact with us, and we'll discuss the possibilities.